Francine Lyle

Francine has obtained a Master’s degree (MA, Distinction) in Integrative Psychotherapy from Regent’s University and is a fully qualified member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). Her approach to therapy is collaborative, practical and personal. Fundamental to her approach is the belief that human beings are naturally resilient and have an incredible capacity for change.

Approaching human behaviour and psychotherapy from a unique perspective, Francine, draws on her background in both law and neuropsychology, with a particular passion for understanding the nuanced intersection between the mind and the body. With a Human Biology degree from Stanford University, Francine’s distinctive outlook allows her to see the client as a whole, understanding the individual in their environment, taking into account their medical and personal history, genetic and generational imprint, as well as their core beliefs, patterns and defences. As a former lawyer, she is a critical thinker who is adept at investigating and tying together themes and patterns to help clients understand how their life experiences have shaped who they are.

In her private practice and at Lanserhof at the Arts Club, Francine supports clients across a variety of presenting issues; including anxiety and depression, post-natal depression, body image, Trauma/PTSD, attachment and relationship issues, chronic pain, unexplained health issues, auto immune diseases, fertility concerns, stress and health anxiety.

She is passionate about helping people understand themselves better and to recognise areas where they are “stuck,” identifying old patterns of thought and behaviour that may not be serving them well anymore. By challenging and breaking these old ways of thinking, whilst recognising the established effects stress and unprocessed emotions can have on the body, Francine is a strong advocate that clients can feel empowered to regain control over their mental health, allowing them to optimise both their mental and physical wellbeing.