The first of its kind in London, offering unparalleled levels of expertise, research and support as you embark upon a journey to transform your fitness and optimise health for the long-term. With a specific focus on preventative medicine, state of the art medical diagnostics and highly developed training methods, Lanserhof at The Arts Club will enable you to move better, improve your resilience and enrich your life holistically. It will change the way you train forever.

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Our expert team of trainers will support you in the implementation of your tailor-made plan.



Holistic, manual and diagnostic approaches such as physiotherapy and osteopathy are vital aspects of our interdisciplinary concept. Our therapists specialise in qualified integrative treatment techniques that relieve discomfort and restore your fitness post-surgery.

– Physiotherapy
– Osteopathy
– Chiropractic



Place yourself in the skilful hands of our massage therapists, who tailor-make treatments to release blockages, ease muscular tension, and bestow benefits that last long after your appointment has ended.



Whole-body cryotherapy is both performance-enhancing and therapeutic. Optimise your training efficiency with our state-of-the-art cryochamber; proven to inhibit pain signals in the nerves and slow down the growth of inflammatory cells.



Our revolutionary Airzone therapy uses oxygen to promote the body’s self-healing processes through cellular energy generation. Popular among elite athletes, oxygen (or mitochondrial) therapy helps improve performance, strengthen the immune system and support weight loss.



An energy-boosting intravenous (IV) treatment that converts oxygen (O^2) into Ozone (O^3), infused directly into the bloodstream, helping you feel younger and stronger. As red blood cells are supplied with oxygen, immunity and energy levels increase.

Infusion Therapy+


IV infusions combine valuable nutrients and vitamins in concentrations higher than it is possible to take orally. This results in better absorption rates and better benefits than oral supplementation.

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Experience a completely new way of training

Members can simply book via our App or Reception to arrange your initial gym health assessment with our fitness team. A gym induction to follow, our personal trainers will be able to instruct you on how to optimise your fitness potential. Experience a completely new way of training with the latest Technogym equipment, equipped with microchip technology. Perform a comprehensive 3D-body scan to support your bespoke training plan, and track your progress in the long-term. Take advantage of our unlimited studio class offerings. With a variety of classes to choose from per month, all courses can be booked quickly and easily via our App.

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The ultimate holistic experience: as a member of Lanserhof at The Arts Club, you have unbridled access to some of the world’s leading discoveries from the fields of diagnostics, medicine and fitness. Take the opportunity to concentrate on the most valuable thing of all – your health. Our concept focuses on the human body in its entirety and takes an integrated approach to your well-being.