At Lanserhof Performance, we focus on the intersection of sports and cardiovascular health, offering personalised services to athletes and physically active individuals of all skill levels. Whether you’re a weekend sports enthusiast or a professional athlete, our dedicated team is ready to support your cardiovascular health and performance.

Our cardiology examinations include:


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Bespoke Exercise Prescription Recommendations

For our patients with cardiovascular disease, we craft individualised exercise prescription recommendations based on the results of your CPET. This ensures that your exercise regime is fine-tuned to your specific physiological profile, promoting cardiovascular health while minimising risks.

Our team at Lanserhof Performance is committed to providing exceptional care to each of our patients, working with you to create an exercise program that supports your athletic performance and heart health. We understand the unique needs of athletes and active individuals, and we’re here to help you achieve your goals safely and confidently.

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Meet the Expert

Prof. Michael Papadakis

Professor Papadakis is a Professor in Cardiology at St George’s, University of London and Consultant Cardiologist at Lanserhof at The Arts Club.

His interests in preventive cardiology, sports cardiology and inherited heart conditions are highlighted in his role as the president for the European Association of Preventive Cardiology and having held the chair of the European section of Sports Cardiology and Exercise.

He has also contributed to international projects that have shaped education in preventive cardiology, launching a novel MSc degree in Sports Cardiology in 2016 at St George’s University of London. To date he has been credited with more than 100 publications in peer reviewed medical journals, and numerous presentations in national and international conferences.

Professor Papadakis is also consultant to Cardiac Risk in the Young (a charitable organisation that annually screens more than 30,000 young individuals for heart disease), as well as to the English Institute of Sport, the England and Wales Cricket Board and the Rugby Football Union.

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Consultant Cardiologist