Our Experts’ New Year Motivational Tips

We are fortunate to have some inspiring experts all under one roof. We hope their advice helps you gain insight and input to motivate your health objectives for the year and help you maintain effective manageable wellbeing habits for life.

Anisha Badri – Yoga Instructor, Holistic Lifestyle & Breathwork Specialist

We would like to feel pleasant and light all the time, sometimes however, life can become overwhelming and we are affected by all sorts of energies around us.
To manage this and create a place of calm, security and warmth within us, I suggest an easy and very effective technique called Coherence Breathing.
Sit down comfortably. Place one hand on your belly, the other at your heart. Take an inhale into your belly and then another sip of in-breath into the heart space. Hold this breath for a moment or two and allow a very long, slow exhale. Let your out-breath, release all the tension. Stay empty for a moment.
You can either close your eyes while you practise this or find a soft gaze at anything around you that is pleasant to the eye.
Repeat for 5-10 rounds.
With this breathing technique, we are creating congruency between the mind and the heart. We are releasing that stressful energy and replacing it with sublimely light space within us.

Dr Oliver Bernath - Consultant Neurologist and Sleep Disorders Specialist

If you struggle with sleeping, the single most important thing you can do is to get up in the morning at the same time every day and get some bright light for 30-45 minutes first thing.

Samson Garwood – Gym Manager

I strongly believe the beginning of the year is a great opportunity to understand your performance baselines and create goals and intentions towards the deficits and weaknesses you want to improve.
If we are not testing, we are simply guessing; So, test your body composition and strength values, re-evaluate your sleeping preparation habits to maximise your recovery, set targets and structure for nutrition that will all work hand in hand to be the best versions of yourself.
Progress in the right direction is more desirable than misguided perfection!

Manjot Kaur Dehala – Osteopath

As we step into a new beginning, with gratitude in our hearts for the closing of a previous chapter, I always go through a simple practice with my patients at the start of the year – to set their intentions, with clarity & excitement.
This is a very powerful way to align with the vision you have for yourself, in mind, body, and spirit; and preventative and lifestyle care can be a part of this, supporting you as you move through the seasons ahead.
Whether you decide to be more intentional with your posture, mobility and flexibility, breathing, digestion, to address an ongoing pain or symptom, or the importance of simply being able to relax, sleep better, and honour your body’s own pace. It all begins with us, our choices, our intentions, our decisions, our journey.

Dr Rachna Murthy - Consultant Oculoplastic & Aesthetic Surgeon at FaceRestoration

The eyes are more than the window to the soul, they detect light to control serotonin, melatonin and circadian rhythms, and are an insight to the internal workings of your body. Aim for clarity in 2024:
For clear sight, skin and bill of health you need:

• Good sleep – melatonin is important for eye health and immune support. Reduce blue light from devices before bedtime. Consider red light and intense pulsed light for eye & skin health.
• Eat well – include fruit and vegetables rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and fish with omega 3 and look after your gut, skin and eye microbiome.
• Stay physically active – increased serotonin and endorphins help your skin to glow and improve eye & brain health.
• Build strong relationships.
• Manage stress – enjoy nature, daylight and elevate serotonin levels to elevate mood.
• Follow your passions and purpose.

Dr Carla Saour - General Practitioner with Specialist Interest in Women’s Health/Menopause

My women’s health tips for 2024 are:

• Ensuring adequate dietary calcium intake for bone strength and taking a supplement of Vitamin D as well for your bone health.
• Alcohol can worsen anxiety and hot flushes and increase your risk of breast cancer, which is why there are many health benefits to keeping your alcohol intake low.
• It is important to continue to attend your regular smears and mammograms when due, making sure to regularly self-examine your breasts and report any changes to a doctor.
• Exercise plays a significant role in both improving physical and mental health.
• Go into this New Year, with a positive mindset and set intentions. Establishing goals can improve your focus on what is important, help provide a sense of purpose, help eliminate perceived limitations and lead to positive thinking.

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