Gym Challenge

Back by popular demand, the classic WALL SIT from last year is returning for this month’s Gym Challenge. This simple but mentally challenging exercise is definitely a mind over matter contest, utilising the power of mental endurance as well as the physical.
The rules are simple, back pressed against the wall, legs at 90 degrees, keep hands off your legs and last as long as you can.
The winner will be the member who achieves the longest time.
Our Personal Trainers will be overseeing and recording the results. Please liaise with them and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and explain the rules further.

Trial Membership Week

We know that training with a companion can be a motivating force and help keep you on track. With this in mind, we have put together a Trial Membership Week at £150, for those considering membership, but would like to experience the facilities before committing. Should you have a friend or family member you think would enjoy the club and contemplate joining, please let the Membership Team know to arrange a meeting and tour for them to explore the opportunity.

Please do note that the trial membership is offered on a limited numbers basis, only to those who are considering becoming members and who the membership team have met and provided a comprehensive tour of the clinic.


Health Optimisation Summit

We are delighted to offer a special rate access to the biggest health event of the year taking place 15th – 16th June in London.

We’re partnering with The Health Optimisation Summit in June, for a game-changing two-day experience. Expect to get many “a-ha” moments and learn how to optimise your health, mind, body and environment, with the very best of health optimisation, biohacking, nutrition, longevity, fitness, functional and preventative medicine.

See and experience some of the world’s biggest, most researched, world-changer speakers, cutting edge brands and workshops on bio hacking and wellness.

To save 10% on your tickets, use our discount code: LANSERHOF
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Health Opti

Thank you note

We wanted to thank you all for your continued patience whilst we have been working towards setting up better and improved medical booking systems. New technology brings with it many benefits, but we are conscious that the initial transition process can be somewhat challenging. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding, particularly at times where we have asked for some of your details again as we update and manage the secure transfer of data.