Physiotherapist & Osteopath

Paul Marsat

Offering a unique combination of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, Paul’s philosophy is that whilst it is important to give a ‘passive’ treatment to one’s structure using Osteopathy, it can equally be as important for the patient to work ‘actively’ alongside it in order to build appropriate motor patterns through Physiotherapy. With this in mind, expect an extensive initial assessment, to consider the best method to resolve any given problem.

Utilising a comprehensive approach to help clients overcome sports injuries and chronic pains, he also supports in the treatment of systemic issues such as headaches, IBS and fatigue.

Paul has extensive experience working in established West London practices, and has worked with high level professional athletes including players of the rugby ‘Club Athletic Périgourdin’ and the Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) champions. He is also the lead Physiotherapist of the ‘RC Lens’ youth football academy in London.

Aligned with Lanserhof at The Arts Club’s multi-disciplinary approach, Paul works closely with our consultants and specialists, taking into account each patient’s individual needs, liaising information with appropriate experts whenever referrals or additional support is necessary.