Personal Trainer

Jonathan Nicol

A highly accomplished and experienced Personal Trainer, Jonathan boasts an impressive career spanning over 15 years.

With a strong educational foundation in Sports and Exercise science from the renowned University of East London, Jonathan’s journey began in the intense world of Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts gyms, where he had the privilege of working alongside world kickboxing champions. This experience provided him with invaluable insights into high-performance training and pushed him to strive for excellence. Transitioning into the realm of sports clinics, Jonathan further expanded his expertise, and as a strength coach, he collaborates closely with world leading doctors and physiotherapists, delivering tailored training sessions to a diverse clientele.

Jonathan has been affiliated with prestigious establishments, 5-star luxury hotels Claridge’s and Four Seasons, as well as the renowned CHHP Harley Street and TAG Toronto Golf Club. His expertise in strength training has also gained recognition from sports clinics, who actively refer their clients to him.

Currently he is also focusing on optimising the health and fitness of CEOs and busy entrepreneurs.