Sports Therapist

Heidi Smythe

Heidi is a dedicated and passionate Sports Therapist with a profound commitment to enhancing the physical well-being of individuals. With a background in injury assessment, recovery and prevention, she brings a unique blend of expertise in both sports therapy and personal training, offering a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

Having gained her BSc in Sports Therapy at Gloucestershire University, Heidi began her work as a Sports Therapist in Devon, where she experienced working with clients from various backgrounds and fitness levels. She has also been involved with Barnstaple RFC as well as Gloucester Rugby, carrying out pitch-side care. Whether rehabilitating injuries, optimising athletic performance, strength and conditioning or guiding individuals on their journey to a healthier lifestyle, Heidi is known for tailoring personalised programs that align with each client’s specific needs and aspirations.

As a sports therapist, Heidi possesses a keen understanding of the intricacies of the human body and its biomechanics. This knowledge, coupled with hands-on experience, allows her to assess, diagnose, and treat a range of musculoskeletal issues effectively. From soft tissue manipulation and sports massage to therapeutic exercises, Heidi employs a holistic and evidence-based approach to promote recovery and prevent future injuries.