Sports Scientist

Edoardo D’Alessio

Edoardo D’Alessio is a highly qualified professional with a strong background in sports and exercise science. He earned a First-Class Honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the prestigious University of Rome, where he gained a thorough understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of human movement, exercise physiology, and sports performance.

Building upon this foundation, Edoardo went on to pursue a Master of Science degree in Strength and Conditioning from Middlesex University, one of the leading institutions in the field. During his studies, he deepened his knowledge of resistance training, injury prevention, and recovery strategies, and gained valuable experience in applying these concepts to real-world situations.

Having worked with elite rugby clubs in the UK, he has honed his skills in developing and implementing customized training programs for athletes of all levels. In addition, his expertise in biomechanics, the study of human movement and its underlying mechanisms, is particularly valuable in this context, as it allows him to assess and optimize the technical aspects of sports performance.

At Lanserhof Performance, Edoardo plays an integral role in the movement and exercise testing team, where he leverages his vast knowledge and experience to design and conduct a wide range of assessments to help clients optimize their physical performance and improve their overall health and well-being. With his deep understanding of the science of human movement and his ability to apply this knowledge in practical ways, Edoardo is a valuable asset to the Lanserhof team and to the wider sports and exercise science community.

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