General Practitioner with Specialist Interest in Women’s Health/Menopause

Dr Carla Saour

Dr Saour qualified in Medicine from St George’s, University of London, in 2005. During her medical training, she completed a Biomedical Science degree in Physiology, resulting in a publication of her research project in the Journal of Physiology.

After graduating, she obtained considerable experience in a range of specialities including a post in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, gaining a diploma from the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.

Having completed her GP training in 2010, Dr Saour continues to work as both an NHS and private GP. She has been working at an NHS practice in Kensington since 2011, where she is the designated safeguarding lead for both adults and children

Passionate about teaching, Dr Saour has taught medical students, as well as being a Clinical Assessment Examiner, and over the years has also been the Clinical and Educational Supervisor for junior doctors.

She has an interest in Women’s Health, in particular the perimenopause and menopause where she has completed extensive training, and works holistically with her patients to optimise wellbeing, reducing the risk of chronic diseases that could develop during this time. Her approach is to look at the various factors that can help make a difference, including through lifestyle changes, hormone replacement therapy, or both. Over the years, she has seen how appropriately managing the menopause, can lead to considerable improvements in the quality of life for women. With this in mind, she raises awareness on all aspects of women’s health through talks and social media platforms.

When not working, Dr Saour, enjoys travelling, skiing, practising Yoga and doing Reformer Pilates.