Prostate Cancer

What is prostate cancer, and who is at risk?
Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. It is more common with age and since our average life expectancy is increasing, it is becoming increasingly prevalent. Most men over the age of 80 will have a tiny focus of cancer in their prostate, but treatment is indicated if this focus starts early in life, grows and starts to invade adjacent structures.

Certain groups are more at risk, and all men over the age of 50 should undergo regular screening with blood testing for PSA (prostate specific antigen) and some form of imaging if the PSA rises.

What should men be aware of for prostate cancer prevention?
Early detection of prostate cancer can make the difference between a complete cure and difficult treatment of metastatic cancer. There is no excuse for men to develop prostate cancer in 2023: A late diagnosis means a missed diagnosis. At the Lanserhof, we are dedicated to the early detection of prostate cancer as part of our longevity and wellness mission.

How can Lanserhof support men’s health and prostate cancer awareness?
As part of our health screening service, we offer a range of assessments, from a basic package to the Lanserhof Ultimate Health Screening package, which incorporates comprehensive blood and urine testing, as well as an in-house whole body MRI (see picture) that also includes the prostate in men. Our annual health screen should detect the earliest signs of prostate cancer in men and prevent delayed diagnosis.

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