Osteopathy takes a deeper, holistic and tailored approach towards the body and posture, whilst integrating the links between lifestyle, environment, health and well-being. It involves the evaluation, diagnosis and management of the entire musculoskeletal system, its relationship with other systems in the body, and the effects these conditions have on general health and lifestyle.

Osteopaths, work closely with other healthcare professionals and their treatments often involve manual therapy – a range of gentle hands-on techniques focusing on releasing tension, stretching muscles and improving mobility – together with exercises and helpful advice designed to help relieve or manage pain, keep active and maintain the best of health.

Our osteopaths can help with a wide and varied range of conditions including:

  • Back / Neck / Shoulder Pain
  • Generalised Aches and Pains
  • Joint Pain
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Headaches arising from neck (cervico-genic) / Migraine prevention
  • Minor Sports & Dance Injuries
  • Neuralgia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Postural issues/concerns
  • Cramps
  • Digestion Issues
  • Inability to relax
  • Circulatory Problems
  • Muscle Spasms
Some of the osteopathic treatments we provide, include:

• Soft-tissue and stretching techniques to release muscle tension
• Gentle articulations/mobilisations to realign and improve joint mobility
• Myofascial and trigger-point release for releasing tight muscles/”knots”
• Cranial-Sacral Osteopathy, a gentle yet potent way of working with the body using light touch, where many patients report a positive change in mind, body and spirit afterwards
• Visceral Osteopathy addressing mobility of the organs within their natural position in the body (the rib-cage, abdominal and pelvic cavity) allowing better function of the whole body
• Lymphatic drainage techniques to improve circulation throughout your body and enhance your immune system

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