Events Calendar

We have organised an insightful selection of events to continue to inspire and motivate you during the cold winter months. We hope that these offering serve to lift your spirits and to keep you on track with your new year’s resolutions, particularly during times you may have found it challenging.

Please save the date and to confirm attendance to members@lhtac.com as spaces are limited.

Transformation Workshop Series with Karen Ruimy

We are delighted to announce a series of workshop events over 2024 with bestselling author, spiritual teacher, performer and philanthropist, Karen Ruimy. Explore the role of the mind and emotions in health, longevity and overall wellbeing, allowing Karen to guide you in recognising your blockages, releasing trapped energy, clearing the way to gain clarity, insight and reengage with your core essence and soul’s purpose.

MIND BODY COMPLEX – Reversing Aging Through Spiritual Practise
6th February 6.30pm – 8.30pm at The Studio
In our first transformation workshop of the series, explore the paradox of aging, the power of thoughts and emotional management on the physical body. Through explanation, gentle energetic work and meditation, discover how understanding the mind can influence and even heal some of the effects and signs of aging.
Followed by Q&A


13th February 6.30pm – 7. 30pm at The Studio
We welcome back Eric Underwood, former soloist at The Royal Ballet, model and actor to explore the power of movement and coordination as a means of increasing posture, confidence and spatial awareness.
Learn tips on how to enhance your physicality and discover how focused, distinctive movements can impact your exercise routine and daily activities

MOVEMEMENT IQ (MiQ) EXPERIENCE - Intelligently Precise Strength Training

29th February 6.30PM – 7.30PM at The Studio
Join Ranah Farkhondeh a former music industry professional turned holistic trainer, self-development guide and international movement expert, for an evening of guided movement through Immersive electronic music.
MiQ is a total body strength and conditioning experience, characterised by its intelligent focus on posture, abdominal centring and movement precision. Each MiQ event guides movement from the foundation first, orchestrating a music-led intensity build that is as artful as it is strategic. The music reinforces conscientious and connected movement, whilst the movement reciprocally enriches the experience of the music.
Expect a grounding introduction, a deeply (muscle-)activating middle, an unexpectedly challenging finish – with profound mind-body alliance throughout. The full experience is done standing with an optional weighted ball.