A revolutionary oxygen or mitochondrial therapy, Airzone helps the body replenish lost energy and promotes its self-healing processes through cellular energy generation.

  • Popular among professional athletes looking to improve performance and accelerate regeneration.

  • Improves general wellbeing, strengthens the immune system and supports weight loss.

  • Therapy duration ranges from 4-6 weeks with 2-3 sessions per week.

  • During a session, you lie down comfortably while wearing a breathing mask. While you relax, the mask alternately supplies your body with oxygen (hyperoxia) and in turn, deprives it of oxygen (hypoxia). The oxygen deficit creates stress in your cells. Mitochondria that are already damaged and exhausted cannot withstand the stress and are destroyed, while new, more powerful mitochondria are formed in response.

  • The result is a significant optimisation of your cellular energy production.

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Benefits include:

  • Improved physical and mental performance

  • Improved blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells

  • Increased vascular elasticity

  • Activated energy metabolism, fat metabolism and increased fat burning

  • Activated self-healing processes and immune system

  • Shortened recovery time post-exercise

  • Support of detoxification processes

Picture of a treatment room at Lanserhof at the Arts Club