Consultant Neurologist and Sleep Disorders Specialist Dr Oliver Bernath

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Dr Oliver Bernath studied Medicine at the University of Ulm and University College London. After completing his Medical Doctorate thesis in muscle electrophysiology, he trained as a neurologist at the University of Chicago and completed fellowships at the University of California San Francisco in clinical neurophysiology.  He trained in Sleep Medicine with the pioneers in the field: in Chicago with Prof Rechtschaffen and then at the world’s first Sleep Disorders Clinic at Stanford University with Profs Dement and Guilleminault.  Dr Bernath holds US Board certifications in neurology, neurophysiology and sleep medicine and he is on the General Medical Council specialist register as neurologist in the UK. He led the Northern California Sleep Disorders Center at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco and now also sees patients at the NHS Sleep Clinic at Guy’s Hospital in London.



Sleep Disordered Breathing (Snoring, Sleep Apnoea) Insomnia, Sleep Rhythm disorders Parasomnias (e.g. Nightmares, Sleepwalking, REM-Sleep Behaviour Disorder) Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep Narcolepsy and Central Hypersomnias Sleep Optimisation