Lead Sport and Exercise Physiologist

Kiran Chopra

Kiran Chopra is a highly skilled Sport and Exercise Physiologist specialising in physiological testing, evaluation, and strength and reconditioning programming. His expertise lies in working with both athletic and non-athletic populations, providing tailored programming to optimise performance and improve overall physical well-being. He has a strong research interest in muscular physiology, environmental performance physiology, and blood flow restriction training, particularly focusing on ischemic preconditioning.

He completed his Honours Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the Institute of Technology, Carlow (now South Eastern Technological University). Subsequently, he pursued a Master of Science degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham. As a BASES-accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist and Chartered Scientist (CSci) with The Science Council, Kiran possesses a diverse range of certifications. These include anthropometry (the measurement of the human body), phlebotomy (blood collection), and ECG interpretation (electrocardiogram).

Throughout his career, Kiran has gained extensive experience at both national and international levels. He has collaborated with Division I NCAA Universities in the United States and worked with the U17 Men’s National Irish Basketball team. His contributions to the scientific community are notable, with multiple publications in esteemed peer-reviewed journals. His research has focused on investigating the effects of ischemic preconditioning on physiological responses to hypoxic exercise.

At Lanserhof Performance, Kiran conducts comprehensive assessments of clients’ cardiopulmonary and metabolic health. Based on these evaluations, he provides tailored therapeutic recommendations to enhance their overall well-being. His commitment to evidence-based practice and his extensive knowledge in the field make him a valuable asset to the team.

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