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Reset your body and get your metabolism back on track. Feel lighter and energised, improve complexion and boost cognitive performance. Associated with a wide array of health benefits, especially in relation to the gut, promote your wellbeing and vitality by incorporating fasting into your daily routine. Tailored to your personal needs, choose between a 7, 14 or 21 day fasting programme.

Listen to our podcast on fasting therapy with Dr Ursula Levine here.

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Infusion Room at Lanserhof at the Arts Club


At Lanserhof at The Arts Club, our integrated approach to wellbeing focusses on the human body as a whole – learn more about your mind and body with a consultation with our GP and Integrative Medicine Specialist, Dr Levine.

1 Initial Consultation+


Our General Practitioners are committed to delivering incomparable, truly personalised support and medical care.

1 3D Body Scan+


We are able to perform millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy to present a detailed full body scan, calculate fitness and health metrics, and much more.

1 Cryotherapy Session+


Our medical-grade cryotherapy sessions enable our therapists to treat more complex injuries and diseases, including rheumatic inflammatory diseases or skin conditions.

1 Follow-Up+


Our medical team is committed to delivering the highest standards of individualised specialist care, ensuring you have all you need for prolonged success.

Dr Ursula Levine sitting in doctors room


Integrating state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and specialist medical services for both professional and recreational athletes, this joint and muscle check will provide the basis for a tailored plan to ensure you are training efficiently and effectively.

1 Initial Consultation+


We offer unrivalled medical expertise in rehabilitation, injury prevention, performance improvement, posture adjustment, gait analysis, biomechanics and training science with high-end equipment to identify specific challenges and restrictions.

1 Basic Check (Spine or Movement Lab Analysis)+


Our cutting-edge facility combines the latest analytical equipment and the most advanced scientific and evidence-based techniques.

1 Follow-Up +


Our team of experts will develop an optimal training and therapy plan based on examination results, a comprehensive anamnesis, and your individual needs.

1 Physiotherapy Session+


Place yourself in the skilful hands of our physiotherapists, who tailor-make treatments to release blockages, ease muscular tension, and bestow benefits that last long after your appointment has ended.

Man in Ikarus for Spine Lap


Rebalance your mind, body and soul and experience a day of wellness treatments at Lanserhof at The Arts Club. Combining innovative therapies and luxury skincare products to leave you feeling revitalised from the inside, discover intelligent beauty that’s more than skin deep.

1 Massage+


According to your needs, we offer various types of treatments to release the toxins from the body and reduce muscle tension– from gentle Swedish massage, a deeper sports massage and manual lymphatic drainage.

1 Life Infusion+


Recommended to stay healthy, hydrated and energised, this infusion contains vitamins and minerals to enhance your general health for improved energy levels, better immune functioning and brighter skin.

3 Facials+


Combining cutting-edge cosmetic science with innovative therapies and luxury skincare products, discover intelligent beauty that’s more than skin deep.

Portrait of a women getting a skincare at Lanserhof at The Arts Club
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