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Our MOVEMENT and SPINE LABS provide a unique opportunity to analyse the functional capacity of your entire musculoskeletal system. Our expert technicians and physicians use world-class, evidence-based research methods to evaluate essential biomechanical and functional parameters, giving you the most accurate personal musculoskeletal picture available anywhere.

  • Get a comprehensive biomechanics motion analysis and a gait analysis using our unparalleled 4D measurement technology DIERS.

  • Improve recovery or enhance performance by merging the latest scientific knowledge from the field of biomechanics into medical and training applications.

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Movement Lab


Our cutting-edge facility combines the latest analytical equipment and the most advanced scientific and evidence-based techniques.

We offer unrivalled medical expertise in rehabilitation, injury prevention, performance improvement, posture adjustment, gait analysis, biomechanics and training science with high-end equipment to identify specific challenges and restrictions.

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Spine Lab


Receive a detailed profile of your spine’s curvature to reveal any imbalances. Our team of experts will develop an optimal training and therapy plan based on examination results, a comprehensive anamnesis, and your individual needs.

Our services include:

  • Kinetic and kinematic gait and running analysis

  • Pedography for dynamic foot pressure measurement

  • Electromyography for measuring muscle activity

Man running in Movement Lab at Lanserhof at The Arts Club
Functional analysis


Our functional evaluations are used for diagnostic purposes, as well as to optimise recovery, and rehabilitation and training processes as part of our physiotherapeutic interventions.

They include:

Motion capture+

Precise analysis of different movement patterns and the forces acting on our joints to identify abnormalities in walking patterns and help explain issues.

Muscle-tendon analysis+

Analysis of structural, functional and mechanical properties using ultrasonography, MRI, and electromyography combined with an isokinetic device.


In-treadmill integrated pressure sensors allow for dynamic mapping of the feet revealing stress-load areas and supporting clinical decision-making.


A radiation-free 3D spine and surface scan to help ascertain how spine misalignments can cause posture issues.

Core stability analysis+

Learn how to train deep core muscles to heal chronic back pain; our biofeedback system monitors your progress.

Women from the back for functional analysis
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