Fasting Therapy Cleanse, Heal, Reset

Detoxify your body and experience a new sense of self. Our structured, medically-supervised fasting programme at Lanserhof at The Arts Club allows you to reset your body, get your metabolism back on track, improve your complexion and boost cognitive performance. An integral component of our Lans-Med concept, fasting is associated with a wide range of health benefits and promotes vitality.

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Your individual fasting therapy programme

Key steps and integral elements of a fasting therapy at Lanserhof at The Arts Club:

  • Based on our famous Lanserhof cure, the focus is on detoxification, de-acidification and purification of the body.

  • Tailored to your personal needs, choose between a 7, 14 or 21 day programme.

  • Preparation is key to a successful fast: your programme will begin with a detailed consultation, medical examination, blood and stool tests, intestinal health analysis and ECG examination.

  • We’ll work with you to create a fasting plan based on your needs and preferences, including recipes and shopping lists.

  • Learn ideal chewing techniques for optimal absorption of nutrients, as well as ideal exercise – and rest – plans to support your fast.

  • Treatments, consultations and checks are carried out daily to support the success of your fast and minimise any possible side effects.

  • Our experts will also provide post-fast nutritional advice, which you can integrate effectively and easily into your everyday life.

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Our Expert

Dr Ursula Levine

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