Head of Medical Services Dr Ursula Levine

For more information, please enquire: +44 (0)20 3967 6969 or via email medical@lhtac.com.

Portrait of Ursula Levine - General Practitioner at Lanserhof at the Arts Club

Areas of Expertise

Dr Ursula Levine qualified in Medicine at the University of Vienna. She has more than thirty years of clinical experience combining Western and traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialising in trauma therapy. A fully qualified FX Mayr Medicine doctor and practitioner, Dr Levine’s expertise are founded upon both Western and Oriental Medicine. Committed to providing clinical excellence in diagnostics and therapy, she graduated with Distinction as a Master of Public Health in 2019. She is a qualified Doctor of Psychosomatic Medicine and a Trauma Therapist. In addition, Dr Levine qualified in 1997 as a TCM practitioner after extensive studies in Hong Kong, Guangzhou (China), and Taipei (Taiwan). Supporting her patients in accessing the best preventative and solutions-focused treatments available, Dr Levine regularly writes and broadcasts on fasting and supplementation for health, preventive medicine, trauma, medical stress-management, and weight control. She is an active member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine and the Balint Society, supporting doctors in improving their understanding of the relationship between clients and medical professionals.

Specialist for

Integrative Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)