April 07, 2021 THE HEALTH PODCAST # 14 – Infusions: What, How and Why?

With Rebecca Baird

Consumers are driven by a growing awareness of health and wellbeing, and there is a growing popularity for intravenous therapy as a way to introduce various vitamins and minerals to your body more effectively, one could say, than dietary supplements ever could. How do they work? Are there any risks? What happens to your body during a session? To explore further, we are joined by Lead Nurse at Lanserhof at The Arts Club – Rebecca Baird.

With an emergency medicine background within the NHS working in major trauma hospitals in both Oxford and London, Rebecca moved into private nursing, more recently working at a prestigious wellness clinic in Mayfair. Here, she trained in Intravenous Nutritional Therapy and joined Lanserhof at The Arts Club two years ago to lead the infusion clinic.

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What defines a healthy life? In our fortnightly health podcast, Mario Pederzolli meets various experts in the fields of health and wellbeing to reveal how we can achieve the ultimate goal: how to live well, for longer.⁠⁠ Our topics focus on: health and longevity; sports and exercise; nutrition; beauty and skincare; mindfulness and psychology.⁠⁠


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