October 11, 2022 Skin Matters with Dr Timm Golüke

With the glorious long, hot summer well and truly behind us, it is not just our mood that is affected by the changing of the seasons… it is quite common also to experience changes in our skin complexion, such as dryness, inflammation, and excessive oiliness. If we add in environmental factors, pollution and the ageing process, it is clear that we really should be taking great care of our skin… but where to begin? Dr Timm Goluecke is one of the great experts and globally renowned dermatologist, holding clinics here at Lanserhof at The Arts Club as well as at Lanserhof Tegrensee.

Forever Young


What defines a healthy life? In our fortnightly health podcast, Mario Pederzolli meets various experts in the fields of health and wellbeing to reveal how we can achieve the ultimate goal: how to live well, for longer.⁠⁠ Our topics focus on: health and longevity; sports and exercise; nutrition; beauty and skincare; mindfulness and psychology.⁠⁠

Skin Matters with Dr Timm Golüke

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