August 17, 2021 Understanding the Aura with Martin Zoller

Understanding the Aura with Martin Zoller

Date: Tuesday 28th September
Time: 8am

Gut feeling, intuition, and the voice of the higher self are all common terms for an intelligence that goes beyond everyday reason. However, what exactly is our Aura and how can we understand it?

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Martin Zoller: Martin is an internationally acclaimed psychic, seer, remote viewer and coach who will join us to discuss ways we can all live more intuitively. Following this talk, Martin will also available for private consultations until the 2nd October at Lanserhof at The Arts Club.



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In this week’s episode, discover what intuition really means with internationally acclaimed seer, intuitive futurist, psychic and remove viewer. Martin’s methods help others to harness their inner intuitive voice, to discover their true personality, choose future pathways, and discover their professional and private potential.

Martin first appeared in the press in 1999, when he gave the exact coordinates of a missing plane and helped recover it. In early 2016, he also predicted that Donald Trump would become the next president of the United States, contradictory to most views at the time. Martin mainly works with governments and universities, regularly hosting lectures and seminars, whilst working remotely.